Five Women: I learnt from in 2016
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Five Women: I learnt from in 2016

I couldn’t let this year slide without acknowledging the incredible women I have worked with in 2016 who have helped me get to where I am now. I’m a big believer on drawing on support when you need it and this year has been no exception. My main goal for 2016 was to create a business in alignment with my soul gifts that serves others and generates meaningful change in the world. Oh, and to find the courage to put myself out there. All of these women in their own way have helped me realise this goal and this post is one I felt called to write to acknowledge them.


I’m the first to admit that I DO NOT have my shit completely sorted out. Work in progress, people! But what I can say is that I’m good at recognising my blocks and consciously and consistently work to shift them. I also know when and who to call on when I need help. Here are the women who have helped me s t r e t c h and grow this year.


1. Eloise Meskanen

Back in January 2016, while I was immersed in my new year dreaming process, I stumbled across Eloise’s Astrology blog. I am a massive fan of western astrology and the psychological, soulful insights it can provide. At the time Eloise was offering a ‘Find your Niche’ session, using Astrology as a tool to identifying your business niche as well as your natural skills, talents and calling in life. I’d had my chart read many times, but never to help me fine-tune my soul gifts and potential business offering. I jumped at it.

The session was SO illuminating. Um, perhaps even a little too much so! There were things that Eloise suggested that I could totally see and feel are part of my offering but that I needed to grow into first. What the session did provide was so much validation. That I was totally on the right track and that I really should give up second guessing myself. Eloise’s insight and encouragement and genuine LOVE of astrology was just such a treat to experience. It was this session that kick-started what ended up being a year long journey to the creation of this website and my offering.


2. Melissa Sandon 

Enter, Melissa Sandon. In March she started calling for enrolments in her Soul Leader School which immediately piqued my interest. I’d been following Melissa for a while and had been totally impressed with her integrity and transparency as she journeyed quite deeply into her own journey as a Soul Leader. Her energy and authenticity was palpable. So when she put a call out for enrolments, my soul said a big YES. I am a Soul Leader and this was the framework I needed to bring my work to the world.

Melissa’s program has underpinned and driven everything I’ve created here on this website. And you know what? I didn’t even get through all of the amazing content! I digested what I was ready for and then started creating like a mad woman. The container of around 100 women, all at different stages in their businesses and soul work was incredibly powerful that I was swept along with the collective energy of the group.

But beyond business stuff, my ability to TRUST myself and LISTEN to my inner guidance in all areas of my life amplified to greater depths. It’s opened new levels of self love, creativity and courage and this is only the beginning.


3. Kris Franken

Have you come across the absolutely kind and lovely Kris Franken yet? I called upon her writing and editing services to help me edit my soon to be released eBook Altars to Self and then later, the words on my home page and about page.

Kris is a writer/copywriter and editor with a passion for wellness and spirituality. And she totally gets it.

The one thing I have learnt this year is that if you’re going to employ people to help you bring your work into the world, then it is so, SO important to choose people who completely get what your doing and why you’re doing it and that are inspired by what you are creating. Kris was all three of these things for me and I felt so supported and encouraged working with her. She inspired me to keep going when those sneaky doubts crept in and I can highly recommend her if you and your projects need some extra nurturing and word lovin’.


4. Sarah K Jones

Cue angel choir *Ahhhh*

This lady is endlessly inspiring and I’m lucky enough to call her a friend. If you’re a healer, wellness practitioner or coach, then you have got to get yourself hooked up with the Healing Archetype system that Sarah has created. I have *just* finished Sarah’s 6-week online course and it’s as though puzzle pieces have clicked into place. I discovered and worked with my unique combination of healing archetypes (The Guide and The Coach) and although there were some surprising and difficult moments, I now feel as though I have a solid support team within me, that I can turn to for inspiration and guidance at any time. They have so much to teach me and I am so excited to learn from them. I’ll share more about my journey at a later date, but if like me, you have a genuine desire to deepen your healing abilities for maximum effect, then you will get so much out of Sarah’s course. Next enrolment is March 2017.


5. Jenna Black

OK, so a lot of this year was well spent getting solidly connected to my soul gifts, but when I got to the pointy end of making my vision come to life, I really needed some extra help (and heart support) to bring it home.

Jenna helped me to (finally) arrive at a brand message and ideal client profile that really resonated for me. It’s honestly made all the difference. Her gentle, encouraging and importantly, strategic approach was *exactly* what I needed to feel confident articulating and implementing my vision for Earth to Self. After my sessions with her, I powered ahead and made stuff happen. Having Jenna in my corner has been so valuable.


6. Inspirational Mentions

Technically I haven’t worked with these two women (yet), but I have found their work, courage and expression really inspiring this year. They’ve motivated me to keep going and bring my own uniqueness to my work.

Alana Helbig: host of Untangled and podcast mentor. Alana just went for it this year and her work is SO beautiful and soulful. Her podcast has really touched me, many, many times and inspired me to keep going. I’ve loved following her journey this year and can’t wait to see where it takes her. Her Untangled Facebook group is a lovely place to be.

Carly Stephan: Lady of light! Carly makes the unseen, otherwordly, light upgrades seem completely normal and not weird at ALL. I’m a big advocate for normalising our spiritual/inner experiences and I’ve loved learning about all of this from Carly in her Facebook group this year.


What women have you worked with and want to celebrate?

With Love,


  • Lara Darlington
    Posted at 10:58h, 06 January Reply

    Loved this post Rachel (and all the women who inspired you this year). Ive been looking at Sarah’s course since I heard her speak on the first SLS call. Im a bit mesmerized by her and the healing archetypes. Did you feel it complemented melissas work? Would love to chat to you about it when im back in Australia! Lots of love xox

    • Rachel
      Posted at 01:24h, 07 January Reply

      Hi Lara, yes definitely. The healing archetypes complement Melissa’s teachings – I meet them in my soul temple and the archetypes are, essentially, aspects of our soul. Also I got so much insight into the shadow of my healing abilities – in particular, really useful and natural abilities that I’ve actively disowned for a long time. So yes, very complementary and very enlightening. Can highly recommend.

  • Jules
    Posted at 09:52h, 05 January Reply

    Nice I am going to look all these women up and get whatever guidance I need, Thanks for the post!

    • Rachel
      Posted at 02:46h, 06 January Reply

      Awesome Jules. Hope you find something useful. xx

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