My Veiled Healing Archetype: THE COACH
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My Veiled Healing Archetype: THE COACH

Sarah K Jones says that your Veiled Healing Archetype holds “…the healing forces or gifts that are strong in you, but for some reason you have hidden them, or are not fully owning them.” I enrolled in Sarah’s course because I wanted clarity on my professional offering. What I wasn’t expecting to receive, was clarity on my life.

My veiled healing archetype revealed how and where I was disempowering myself and illuminated what I needed to reclaim to become the person and healer I knew I was. But like integrating any shadow quality, it didn’t necessarily come easily!


Discovering: THE COACH

I went into Sarah’s course thinking I had it all figured out. My veiled healing archetype was *obviously* THE SHAMAN. I mean, I didn’t just rearrange my entire life to live closer to the Earth for nothing! I also assumed my affinity with shamanism and deep respect for nature and indigenous teachings was a dead giveaway.

So when the quiz result suggested THE COACH, I immediately rejected it as absolutely and completely w r o n g  then quickly took the quiz another two times. To my (initial) disappointment THE COACH came up again and again.

I kid you not, this was my reaction.

Which in itself was a dead give away that it was spot on. Your veiled healing archetype, like all things hidden in your shadow, are the qualities you actively or unconsciously reject.


Then I met her, my inner COACH
And she seriously took my breath away.
Actually, my first response was intimidation.


She was quite literally luminous.


She glowed with a combination of self-assurance, purity and light. She was completely comfortable in her skin and did not shrink to make me feel more comfortable, instead she kept shining her love and kindness at me as an invitation to see myself as her.


In comparision to her light, I was monotone, dark grey and drab. I knew this feeling well. It’s how I sometimes feel when I’m in the presence of women who are empowered and embodied and gifted.


Then she started to peel this grey armour off of me. It was kind of like a clay coating that cracked and came off in big pieces. Underneath this protective layer I saw my own glimmering light.


For the longest time, I had hidden and rejected this completely natural and utterly luminous part of myself.


How THE COACH clarified my professional healing work.

At the time I went through Sarah’s course, I was stalling on putting myself out there because I didn’t know what to call myself. I was not a counsellor (even though I am trained and draw heavily on these skills) and I knew I was not a coach either. Being a Coach simply didn’t satisfy my need for depth.


Turns out it wasn’t depth I needed, it was light.


Reclaiming this pure, luminous light within me was the missing link in both my life AND my work. This is how I arrived at my word for 2017 ~ L U M I N O U S ~ and the clear intention to ‘learn how to embody light’.



Sarah says (over and over), that the healing archetypes ARE NOT your modality. They are the qualities that you bring to your work. As far as my healing work goes THE COACH speaks (loudly) to many of my natural skills that I had not even considered bringing into my work up until this point, such as

  • Ability to inspire and empower others (hello, I’ve been doing this for aaaages)
  • Ability to find clarity and provide direction
  • My natural leadership skills – (I’ve resisted this one really hard).
  • Internally motivated
  • Organised and structured
  • Solutions focussed and goal oriented


And that’s just the beginning.


My Work as a : SOUL MENTOR

Working and integrating THE COACH archetype along with THE GUIDE, have helped me to f i n a l l y find a meeting point between my natural skills and how I can best serve. And that is as a SOUL MENTOR.

I mentor women who are craving a deep and lasting connection to Self, the part within us all that holds the truth of who we really are. My work circulates in the domain of emotional, soulful and spiritual development with the ultimate goal of realigning women with their deep and truest calling in this life.

As a result of my work with the archetypes, I’m currently developing two mentoring packages to suit women at different stages of their inner journey. They’ll combine deep inner work (The Guide) with practical grounded action steps (The Coach) to support your growth. I’ll also draw upon 15 years (and counting) of study and direct experience in my own journey back to mySelf.


To learn more about mentoring with me, click here.


And to stay connected with Sarah, and her work with the healing archetypes, visit her website here.


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