Trusting the process of your purpose.
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Trusting the process of your purpose.


Saying that I have been obsessed with finding my purpose is somewhat of an understatement. One question that has been a constant throughout my life is ‘what am I here to do’?


I realise now that I’ve been asking the right questions, but not necessarily listening to the answers. Can you relate?


This past month has been one significant insight after another regarding the process of finding my purpose and making peace with my vocational past. And just on the off-chance you are also giving yourself a hard time about not really knowing where you are headed – this post is for you.


First up! Get yourself a copy of this book:

'The Art of Work' by Jeff Goins.

‘The Art of Work’ by Jeff Goins.


Jeff dispels quite a few myths that I’ve held oh so tightly over the years about calling and purpose. Like, it’s supposed to just come to you on a good day and then you just ‘know’.




It reveals itself overtime and throughout your life. Every step, every job offers a piece of the puzzle. There is a process to your purpose AND it’s connected to the spiritual, emotional and psychological calling to discovering who you ARE. Now we’re talking!


If I could go back in time and offer myself some wisdom, these 5 things would make the list.


1. R E L A X !


Oh how I wish I could have told myself this 5 years ago when I gave up everything to take ‘a good hard look’ at my life. Or when I left my 7-year career in advertising back in 2007.


R E L A X !


Where-ever you are in your life your calling is coming through you and to you at every moment. It is revealing itself to you in stages and in different forms, each of which will build upon itself as the years go by. Someday soon you will be able to fit the jigsaw puzzle pieces together and make sense of it all. Every choice you make will reveal something more about what you are meant to be doing. Trust that what ever you are doing now is all a valuable step towards arriving at your purpose.


2. L I S T E N


Keep your ears, eyes and heart open for clues from your Soul and from the universe.


  • What do people consistently say to you about your talents/skills/abilities?
  • What experiences have lit you up and lifted your energy?
  • What activities do you find deeply nourishing and soul-satisfying?
  • What causes in our world do you find most concerning and what are you the most passionate about contributing towards?
  • What is one thing you find comes easily to you that other people struggle with? (this excellent question, courtesy of Jeff’s book).


3. R E V I E W


Write a list of all the jobs you’ve had in your career to date.


This is actually an exercise that Jeff recommends in his book. And as if the universe wanted to drive home the point (as it often does), the very next day after finishing his book, I spotted a post from Louise Androlia, pretty much reiterating this very point – that all jobs you’ve had, no matter how random, have all been stepping stones towards your ultimate purpose.


Louise Androlia

Louise Androlia


4. V A L U E


After you write your list, take it one step further and identify what it was about each job that has informed your future direction. What skills and knowledge has it provided, what lessons did you learn, who did you meet that became an important influence or person in your life. Look for the value in every job you’ve had.


Yes, even that hospitality or retail job you took to make ends meet (ugh, yes, been there). Or that company you worked for that was against your values and beliefs (yep, totally sold out there). How has each job informed your current direction?


Make connections. Join the dots. Find the value.


5. R E L E A S E


L E T  G O.


Emotionally, spiritually and energetically let go of any attachment / disappointment / rejection or failure from your past working life. Whatever you are holding onto is blocking your future development. This can be a deeply healing process.


Case in point :: At the last full moon, I spontaneously decided to clear out boxes of client files and study notes from an old business I used to run. For five years, I held onto the devastating disappointment of my perceived ‘failure’ at making this business work and it was getting in the way of me courageously moving forward into my new vocation as a Transpersonal Counsellor.


My partner lit a fire in the backyard and one by one, we burnt each client file. Not in a ‘good riddance’ kind of way, but in a deeply grateful, releasing-of-attachment kind of way.


As I added these files to the fire, a few things became clear:

– I got present to the privilege of working with each client, even the difficult ones.

– I genuinely remembered each client and sent out my love and blessings to them.

– I realised that I actually had a lot of clients and that I was really good at what I did.

– I recognised the commitment and pure, heart-felt intention I put into each and every client report and recommendation.

– I acknowledged myself for my achievements and got present to the risks I had taken to give this venture my best.



For the following days after this ritual burning and releasing of attachment, I felt like I had reclaimed parts of myself that I could now take with me into my work with others. Furthermore, there’s no longer this expectation for my new vocation to work out a particular way. I’m just going to show up, with my pure-heart and do work that lights me up. I’m open for the adventure to unfold in whatever way I can best serve. I now trust the process of my purpose.


Now it’s your turn. How can you release your past attachments and failures? Perhaps you can re-work a similar ritual of burning and releasing attachment. You might like to go through the exercises above and then release any old attachments by sending your list up in flames.


I’d love to know – has this post re-framed your view of purpose and calling? Let me know in the comments below.



  • Sarah Bown | Signed By Sez
    Posted at 13:20h, 02 May Reply

    Really needed to read this today and took notes down with my favourite pen while furiously nodding. Thank you for guiding me to a place where I can begin to redefine my purpose x

    • Rachel
      Posted at 03:20h, 03 May Reply

      Sarah, I’m so glad this helped. xx

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