The Mama Circle
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It’s no secret that us Mums are stretched in all directions, attempting to make time for all that is required of us from our children, partners and home life. Yet we rarely take time for ourselves.

In between sleepless nights, never ending washing piles and caring for tiny humans, there’s so much going on underneath the surface. Motherhood is an epic rite of passage that changes us irrevocably. Many of us land in that in-between stage where we are no longer who we were, but not yet who we are becoming.

The Mama Circle is a safe place to land to take time out and begin to navigate your way back to yourSelf. 

Hi Lovely, I’m Rachel.

I’m a Spiritual Mentor & Guide at Earth to Self.
I work exclusively with women in workshops, retreats, women’s circles and in private sessions.

I hold a Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling and have held circles and workshops for women in various settings since 2016. My zone of genius is creating connection – I hold space in a way that is natural and genuine, supporting you to deepen your inner connection and feel spiritually and emotionally empowered.

The Mama Circle was created to help you:

+ Exhale, take time out for yourself and fill up your own cup.

+ Connect meaningfully to women in a similar place to you.

+ Reconnect with your sense of Self and who you truly are.

Through our work together, you’ll be able to:

+ Feel spiritually and emotionally reconnected to yourSelf and your path.

+ Establish rapport with other Mums in a similar place.

+ Feel replenished and ready to step back into your Mothering role with renewed purpose.

The Mama Circle is right for you if:

+ You are open to sharing in a circle of Women.

+ Enjoy guided meditation processes.

+ Can respect yourSelf and others in a sacred setting.

You Receive:

A nurturing and intimate 2-hour Women’s circle


+ A welcome address 

+ An Introduction to Circle guidelines 

+ Opening meditation to ground and centre.

+ Sharing circle

+ Guided deep rest & embodiment process

+ Optional sharing

+ Closing Meditation


$35 AUD

5% of your investment will be donated to Waminda.
 holistic health and welfare agency that supports Aboriginal women and their families in Nowra, NSW.

Feedback from previous participants:

“What you are offering is so unique and valuable Rachel! To carve out this time with intention and heart for all these women who need it so much. It was so moving just to hear everyone show up so vulnerably and connect in this sacred space”.

Dani, Kiama

“I felt honoured to be among a group of mothers that were able to share their raw emotions with one another, it was sacred and beautiful. I felt so grateful to Rachel for facilitating this experience for us all. Rachel was able to hold space in a way that allowed me to feel comfortable and open in her soft and mindful approach to the group. The meditation was like no other I had experienced, it allowed me to feel deeply relaxed and I particularly enjoyed the singing bowl. It was a special two hours”.

Niamh, Shoalhaven Heads

“Forever grateful for Rachel running these beautiful, nurturing circles”.

Monique, Nowra