The (first) birth of Earth to Self.
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The (first) birth of Earth to Self.

This post was written on 14 January, 2012.

It all begins right here. My first ever post. Hello! If you are reading these words, know that I humbly offer you my heart felt thanks. I hope you like it here.


The concept for this blog has been coming in to land for the last 6 months or so and rather than wait for it to become crystal clear, I intend to just START. To write about my ideas and trust that it becomes clear as I go along.


A few months back I enrolled myself in Bright-eyed and Blog-Hearted to help me work out how I could make my work translate in an online platform. At the time I had an inkling of what I wanted to do but not a clear ‘Why’ behind it. And so I patiently worked through the material journaling and brainstorming my ideas and motivations. I started to get flashes of inspiration, but they quickly fizzled and rather than getting all frustrated and impatient, something in me whispered ‘Don’t worry, it will come’ and I so trusted that.


Then one day my dog and I went for an afternoon walk to the river, our favourite spot. It was a still, clear afternoon in late winter and when we got to the river I was suddenly and completely overwhelmed with the beauty of the landscape. Picture this: a wide body of perfectly still, calm water. Not a ripple in sight. Breathtaking colours of blue, pink and purple in the setting sky. Crispness in the air. Stillness and silence. I was so struck I had to sit down to take it all in. That’s when it hit me.


The river. My magical place.

The river. My magical place.


Two themes that have shown up in my life, ever since I can remember.


Caring for our Earth. I want more than anything to contribute to its survival and recovery.


The process of personal awakening. Of healing, growth and the inner work required to realise ourSelves.


And that’s when the words Earth to Self fell into my heart.


YES! This is it. This is my work. This is my message.


For days afterwards I was absolutely charging. Energy coursing through my body, ideas pouring out of my heart and onto the page. Jumping out of my skin with excitement. All good signs I was onto something.


I had found my ‘Why’: I want to help people to realise themSelves so they can contribute to healing the Earth.


The next step was to nut out, umm, ok. HOW? What does it look like and more importantly, feel like?


This second question is proving a little harder to answer, so I will continue to trust, engage with the concept and think and feel it out loud, right here.


Getting my vision out and on paper.



Thankfully, this is not a new concept. I have since found out there is such a thing as Spiritual Ecology (I’ll be researching that)! Also, Earth-based (Shamanic) spirituality is a core component of countless indigenous groups the world over. They seamlessly integrated the two in their everyday life through myth, ritual and connecting with the landscape.


The question this blog will seek to explore is:


In this modern world, at this crucial time, how can we make our way back towards the integration of the Earth and the Self?


I think the secret is by bringing the Self to Earth. And by that I mean, realising the truth of who you are, in your body, on this planet, at this time. Why are you here? How can you serve?


The crux of it all centres around one of my core beliefs, so eloquently summed up by Mark Nepo.


‘In deep and lasting ways, we when we heal ourselves, we heal the world.’



What you can expect.


Musings and stories from me around the following topics

Self Knowing

The heroic journey


Inner World


Myth & Symbol


Earth Care

Soulful living

Rhythms of Nature

Transition & Change

Ritual & Ceremony


I hope to create:


  • Tools and Practices that can help you get connected and create conscious change in our world from the inside out.
  • Live in person workshops and maybe online too (let me know if you’re keen).
  •  A loving and supportive collection of courageous souls hungry to step up and out as expressions of their truth    (p.s. That’s YOU).
  • Courses and products that guide you into the process of coming to know yourself. Deeply.
  • Content that provides practical ways you can live pro-Earth, everyday.
  • Exploration of the myth and mystery that exists in our inner world and how it can deepen and expand your experience of life.


If that sounds good, please stay connected in which ever way you choose.


You can sign up to my mailing list (above) or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.


And please come forward, make your self known and connect with me here. The comments section is a clear and open space for your conscious contributions.


Thank you for being here with me.




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