My amazing synchronicity story (and a lesson in listening).
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My amazing synchronicity story (and a lesson in listening).

This is a synchronicity story I love telling.


Melbourne, New Years Eve, 2009. It had been an absolutely stinking hot day after a series of stinking hot days. A huge storm front was rolling in to quench the hot tar and partygoers alike. Me? I decided to stay home that night, not feeling in a celebratory mood by any stretch of the imagination. It had been a difficult year. I was desperately unhappy and lost and unfulfilled and it was slowly taking me down. Looking back, I was teetering on the edges of depression.


Thankfully I didn’t stay home to wallow in self-pity. I had enough inner resources left to pull myself together and dream up the kind of future I wanted to live into.


So as the night crept in, doors and windows wide open, thunderstorm and rain unleashing, I gathered a pile of magazines and a blank corkboard and started to pin together a vision of the future I desperately wanted. The main ingredient? A man. A soul-connection. Life-partner. Second and third? A new place to live, and a simpler, more grounded lifestyle.


When I was done, I begged asked the universe, ‘Please, can you make my path towards this really obvious?’ At that stage I needed to be hit over the head with a sledgehammer, to trust I was moving in the right direction.


Literally a week later I was grabbing a few things for dinner at the supermarket when I ran into an old friend whom I had not seen in years. I shared that I was looking for a new place to live and without skipping a beat he said ‘Oh! I know someone who’d be perfect and she’s looking for a new housemate now’. So I got her name and number and arranged a meet up.


Her name was Claire. I was going to share with her and a guy called Ross.


My full name is Rachel Clare Ross.


Freaky? That’s not all.


The apartment was located in Ross Street.


Universe on loudspeaker as requested! Needless to say, I moved in.


Three months later, Claire’s boyfriend knocked on the door to change a light-globe for us. He’d brought with him one of his best friends visiting from interstate who I proceed to talk with for 3-days straight. After he left, we spoke everyday for a month, over the phone, via skype and text and when we eventually reunited, we fell in love. Six months later, I packed up my life in Melbourne and moved to the South Coast NSW to embark on a simpler and more grounded lifestyle (and that transition is another story).


So, why am I telling you this? Afterall, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a list of synchronistic tales to tell.


To be honest I need reminding that the universe is always communicating with me. It’s my job to LISTEN and TRUST.


Recently I’ve come to realise that I’m pretty crap at listening. Not to other people, mind you, (that would be a bit of a problem in my line of work!) but to myself and to the messages I’m getting in my everyday life. I’m also pretty crap at trusting the messages I get. What’s with the second-guessing? Sheesh!


Luckily I’m also committed to living a guided and intuitive life.

The story above just happens to illustrate the key ingredients I need reminding of. Hopefully this is a reminder for you too.


The key ingredients to living a guided and intuitive life:

1. ASK: Don’t be afraid to put the call out to the intangible forces that govern the universe. Got something tumbling around in your head that you can’t figure out? Ask for guidance. Everyday. Big things, small things. Be super clear about what you’re asking. And repeat.

2. LISTEN: Use all your receiving channels to listen to guidance. Your answer could show up in a dream, a conversation, a random meeting in a supermarket, in your news feed or a book you’ve been meaning to read, via oracle cards, in a yoga class. The list is endless. Keep all channels open.

3. TRUST: Sometimes guidance can be really subtle. If you’re anything like me, you put it in the ‘can’t-figure-it-out’ basket and move on, but try to consider, even if just for a moment, how this message may apply to your question. If you don’t know, trust that the meaning will reveal itself and place it in the ‘this-will-become-clear’ basket instead.

4. ACT: Don’t forget to take action! Acting on the messages you receive is the best thing to build your intuitive muscles. Case in point: six months ago I was looking for work that would provide a stable part-time income. After fretting about it for quite a few weeks, I finally asked for guidance. Straight after my meditation, I checked facebook and the first post I saw was for a part-time job available at my local food co-operative. Truth be told, this job was on my radar for weeks but I had written it off without finding out more about it. I applied, got the job and it’s been a perfect fit for me while I establish my therapy business and blog.


I’m still building my listening muscles everyday. Trusting what I receive is even more of a challenge, but these are skills I’m determined to become second nature. The more I listen and trust, the stronger my ability to be guided will become. Of that I am certain.


Tell me – do you have any amazing stories of synchronicity? Please share how you are building your listening and trust muscles?


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  • Nicole Perhne | Business & Life Strategist
    Posted at 10:08h, 25 August Reply

    Hi Rachel,
    I just came across this little nugget of wisdom and loved reading this tale of synchronicity. Beautiful post and I love how the Universe really delivered for you on all accounts.

    As time goes on, my trust in The Universe, my intuitive-muscle and divine synchronistic moments and experiences keep unravelling and blossoming so much.

    My friend and I are constantly talking about our ‘synchronistic moments’ and how divine they are.

    I’m so happy to relish in someone else’s moments too.

    Nicole x

    • Rachel
      Posted at 02:36h, 27 August Reply

      Hi Nicole,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. And I’m so happy to hear that synchronistic moments are filling up your world.

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  • Katie
    Posted at 04:50h, 27 May Reply

    This is amazing – how incredible to read – I was captivated the whole time! Brilliant and I love these tips! x

    • Rachel
      Posted at 07:45h, 27 May Reply

      Thanks Katie! So glad you enjoyed xx

  • Ainslie Young
    Posted at 04:40h, 27 May Reply

    Rachel, I LOVE this story and the lessons you have shared! There must be something in the water because I wrote a very similar post last week about listening to your intuition and using it to guide you in your decision making process. Similar to you, I also feel like I am kind of ordinary at listening to my intuition, so this is a great reminder! This sentiment of yours is perfect “It’s my job to LISTEN and TRUST.” Spot on! x

    • Rachel
      Posted at 07:49h, 27 May Reply

      Thank you, Ainslie. I’ll have to pop over to your blog and have a read! So glad I’m not the only one who needs a reminder – it’s so easy for the mind to butt in and take over, isn’t it. Listening and trusting are key learnings for me at the moment. So glad you identify. x

  • Megan- Show Me Your Diamond
    Posted at 02:32h, 27 May Reply

    Rachel! I love this babe! The universe is always sending us signs and trying to guide us hey, I’ve learnt to lean in and really listen with an open heart. Life-changing! Thanks for sharing beauty x

    • Rachel
      Posted at 07:51h, 27 May Reply

      Sounds like I need to follow your lead, Megan! Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed. xx

  • Katherine - The Beauty Of Life
    Posted at 01:31h, 27 May Reply

    WOW, this is incredible, Rachel!! What a great story and such simple, powerful tips to try it out. Love, love, love it!

    • Rachel
      Posted at 07:53h, 27 May Reply

      Hi Katherine, thanks so much! I really love this story – always a good reminder of what we are capable of. xx

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