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Soul Midwifery Mentoring



I mentor women who are in a place of transition and change in their life. Women who are seeking to cultivate a strong sense of ‘Self’ by engaging with their inner spiritual and emotional experience.


My special gift is helping women find clarity and meaning in times of confusion and overwhelm. I’m highly tuned into what’s going on ‘underneath’ and work with you to uncover this for yourself.


Women who work with me want to know themselves on a deeper level. To be fully anchored in who they are so they can operate from a place of Self-empowerment in all areas of their life.


If this sounds like you then take a look at my mentoring options below and/or send me an email to discuss.

What women are saying:

There are currently 3 ways to work with me

FREE - Mini Soul Midwifery Mentoring Session - 20 minutes

What you get:

+ 1 x 20 minute online pow-wow.
+ Focus and clarity on your next soul-aligned step towards healing and Self-empowerment.


These sessions are for you if:

+ There’s a lot of emotional and spiritual content stirring within you and you don’t know where to start.


My intention for these sessions is simple:

+ To help bring clarity and focus to your situation.
+ To provide at least one next step, key practice or takeaway for you to work with.
+ To offer you my unwavering presence and support.


To claim your session:

+ Register your interest via email to secure a meeting date and time
+ Answer 3 short questions so we can make the most out of our time together (you’ll get a link to the questionnaire upon booking).


Cost: FREE

(one session per person)

Soul Midwifery Mentoring Session - 1 hour

What you get:

+ 1 x 1 hour online mentoring session
+ Email support for 2 weeks following


These sessions are for you if:

+ You’re approaching a growing edge and feel like you need a little support.
+ You’re in the midst of a life transition or emerging from one and want help integrating the change.
+ You’re experiencing inner tension between staying in your comfort zone and expanding into what you know is possible for you.
+ You’re ready explore what’s going on at a deeper level.


What you can expect:

+ Customised processes to explore your current growing edge.
+ Discussion to understand how it fits into the overall scheme of your life.
+ Intuitive guidance, shared with permission as it arises.
+ Sharing of knowledge, resources, myth and story for further insight to support your unfolding.
+ Clear direction and next steps to continue your inner work.
+ Practical advice on structuring your life to support you.
+ Guidance on practices that will develop or enhance your spiritual practice.
+ Inspiration, perspective, peppered with a little bit of humour!



Cost: $150 AUD


To book your session:

+ Please email me to secure a meeting time and date.

Reclaim YourSelf Mentoring Package - 1 month

The Reclaim YourSelf Mentoring Package is designed to support your monthly personal altar or spiritual practice. Together we identify the most potent intention on which to focus your inner work for the month ahead. We initiate this intention via a powerful guided visualisation. Then, as this intention unfolds and inner/outer content reveals itself, we then go a little deeper to explore what is coming up to be healed and integrated. The package concludes with a session to acknowledge and reclaim any rejected or disowned parts of Self and identifying what is emerging next.


What you get:

+ 3 x 1 hour sessions, fortnightly.
+ A FREE copy of my eBook Altars to Self to accompany our work together.
+ Unlimited support via email throughout the month.


This package is for you if:

+ You’re ready and willing to engage in a focused and super-charged period of inner work.
+ You’re really keen to actively and intentionally transform an issue or area of life that has been bothering you for some time.
+You’d benefit from support and accountability to help you establish and sustain your spiritual practice.
+ You know you need support and guidance to help you engage with your inner work on a deeper level.


Session Outline:

Session 1: Initiation

+ Identifying your current ‘growing edge’
+ Creating a powerful intention around this.
+ A personalised guided visualisation to initiate your intention.
+ De-brief.
+ Spiritual and emotional support.
+ Practical direction as required.

Homework: You are invited to create an altar after our session to hold you and your intention as we work together.


Session 2: Going Deeper

+ Explore what has come up since we initiated your intention.
+ Go deeper with customised processes to gain further clarity.
+ Spiritual and emotional support.
+ Practical direction as required.

Homework: Personalised practices as needed


Session 3: Reclaiming

+ Review what has shifted and changed in your inner and outer life.
+ Identify what it is that you are reclaiming and cement this via a customised process.
+ Clarify what is emerging for you as a result of your inner work over the last month.
+ Craft your next healing intention.
+ Spiritual and emotional support.
+ Practical direction as required.

Homework: Continue your Altar / Spiritual practice.


Cost: $375 AUD upfront or 3 x fortnightly payments of $150.


To book your package:

+ Please email me to secure session times.