Transpersonal Guidance and Mentoring.
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Spiritual and Emotional Empowerment for the Transforming, Soulful Woman.

If you are no longer who you were, but not yet who you are becoming, then you are in the right place.

You might be experiencing a spiritual awakening, adapting to the birth of a baby, dealing with loss, illness or major life upheaval.

It could be a break-up, reassessing your belief systems, undoing unconscious conditioning, a career change or figuring out who it is that you are and how you can serve the world.

Wherever you find yourSelf, know that I have got you.

My super power is guiding you to access your innate spiritual, emotional and psychological intelligence so you can heal, transform and reclaim personal power to move forward in your life.

I draw on training, skills and experience in transpersonal counselling, energy work, meditation, visualisation, emotional embodiment and soul expanding practices. But most of all I offer a sacred and safe container for your unique and personal unfolding.

Here’s what I know.

Deep down you have everything you need to navigate this transition. AND
You don’t have to do it alone.

Life transition and personal transformation is a tender place full of confusing unknowns that we can navigate together.

Working with me is a choose your own adventure of Self-discovery, healing and release. And a reclaimation of personal power and magic that will naturally unfold if you let it.

Will you let it?

What women are saying:



Here’s how I can support you:

Sacred Flame Sessions

For the woman reigniting her sacred essence.

Soul Mother Sessions

For the women redefining herSelf in the context of Motherhood