Find Your Way
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There are times in life when we feel a little lost.
Confusion and overwhelm take over leaving us feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward.
If you’re over-thinking and second-guessing yourself and are craving a deeper sense of Self-connection, healing and trust in your life, then these sessions are for you.

The world is changing exponentially right now. It’s forcing us to reassess our priorities, decide what is most important and consider how we can best contribute to a new world order. We are being called to align ourselves more deeply than ever before to our values, our soul and our heart.

More than ever, the world needs your magic.

I wholeheartedly believe that you have the wisdom within to find your way and I’m here to remind you of that.


Welcome Lovely, I’m Rachel.


As a Spiritual Mentor, I guide women on their own personalised healing journey towards greater Self-knowing and trust.


I hold a Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling and have held private sessions, Women’s circles and workshops in various settings since 2016. I hold space in a way that is natural and genuine, supporting you to reconnect with your inner wisdom and realise the vision you have for yourSelf and the world.

Find Your Way was created to help you to:

+ Clear the confusion and overwhelm by reconnecting deeply to your truest Self.

+ Move from thinking your way through to feeling your way through.

+ Slow down and tune into your body and your heart.

+ Cultivate a strong sense of Self, in a spiritual and emotional sense.

+ Heal and resolve underlying issues preventing you from moving forward.

Through our work together, you’ll be able to:

+ Find a clear pathway forward in a way that is grounded in Self knowing and trust.

+ Feel spiritually and emotionally ‘plugged in’ and know what steps to take next.

+ Make real, embodied changes in your life that reflect who you are at your truest essence.

+ Find the confidence and inner resources to pursue the vision you hold for your life.

+ Experience more joy and ease in your daily life.

Find Your Way is a good fit for you if:

+ You are open to exploring your inner landscape with guided journeys (bespoke guided meditations).

+ You genuinely want to create a connection with your Soul and Spirit and to ground this knowledge
in your everyday life.

+ You understand that you will be doing the work and accessing guidance within yourSelf
(ie. not seeking answers from me or outside of yourself).

+ You understand that Spiritual Mentoring is not therapy or counselling but is
therapeutic in nature. 

You Receive:

3 x 90 minute sessions 

(1- session per month).


+ My Personal Altar guidebook and meditation package to support our work together.

+ Unlimited email support throughout our time together.

Pricing Options:

$390 AUD

Paid in full.


3 x $150 monthly payments


10% of your investment will be donated to Waminda.
 holistic health and welfare agency that supports Aboriginal women and their families in Nowra, NSW.


What to expect from a typical session:

We will meet online via zoom OR in my studio if you live locally.

+ Opening meditation to powerfully drop into our time together.

+ Therapeutic conversation to unpack where you are at.

+ A personalised and guided inner journey to explore your inner landscape.

+ Embodiment practices to anchor your experience in your body.

+ Debriefing session.

+ Practical and aligned actions to take into your life in between sessions.

Got any questions?
Prefer to have a chat first?

I totally get it.

I offer 20 minute sessions for us to meet each other and decide if we are a good fit.

To schedule a mini-session, hit the button below.

Client Testimonials

I seek out time with Rachel when I need to find that still, quiet voice within that guides me through life’s turbulence. I land in a beautifully curated physical and energetic space, am led through processes that ground and centre my emotions before, with Rachel’s skilful questioning, I uncover wisdom and healing. My sessions with Rachel leave me restored, ready to face the world and reassured in my ability to navigate the journey.

Fiona Pigott

“Working with Rachel was a very transformative experience. She holds space with such compassionate energy that you cannot help but unfurl. Rachel’s genius is in her ability to transition beautifully between both spiritual exploration and tangible truth. After every session, I felt emboldened to take the next step along my path, knowing I could trust myself and my intuition”
Christina Hira

I found Rachel to be someone who has all the qualities of an Elder, her wisdom and patience reassured me. With Rachel I entered a space of serenity and clarity, where I was taken out of daily restrictions and into a place that’s safe, supported and where anything can be explored.
Maria Mitzikis

I do not have children, but I have been a birth partner and believe that Rachel’s role as a Soul Guide & Mentor is similar to that of a doula. While I have been resisting, flailing or crying, Rachel has been a grounding force creating a safe and sacred space for my discoveries and re-birth, helping me to breathe, identify and embrace mySelf.
Melanie Lewis