Learnings from 2017 and the power of completion.
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Learnings from 2017 and the power of completion.

As I sat on the beach, wind blowing, waves crashing about, feet and body firmly anchored into the sandy earth, I was able to fully let go of 2017. The completion process took me about a week. I started by methodically re-visiting actual events in my diary and my journal entries around my personal altar practice. Then I dropped in even deeper (via my 2017 Completion Ritual) to identify key themes and learnings and to process residual emotions. There was a fair bit of resistance thrown in which is normal when it comes to completion I reckon, but the outcome was well worth the wait.


The whole process of revisiting and letting go of 2017 reminded me of the importance of completion. And ritual. The thing with both is – you need to be ready. The timing has to be right. If you force it, it just doesn’t have the same impact. If you wait patiently the experience of ritually and intentionally letting go has the potential to powerfully reverberate through your body and your life.


And the clarity. Wow, it’s worth it for that alone.


Going through this process inspired me to share with you my key themes and learnings from 2017.


Overall Theme: Learning to balance Masculine and Feminine energy.


I started the year in full throttle mode. I set myself ambitious goals, organised a mastermind of women to work with and set to work. Then around April, I began to flounder. I started to feel like I was burning out, doing and driving and pushing and essentially getting no where fast.


Around this time I booked in for a womb session with a Holistic Pelvic Care practitioner. During the session, we discovered through meditation and visualisation techniques that my right ovary, the side that carries masculine energy, was burnt dry like a smoking piece of coal. It’s energy complete expended with nothing left to give. My left ovary on the other hand was like a block of ice, frozen solid, it’s energy inaccessible and under-utilised in every way.


For over a year prior I kept getting messages and images in meditation of extreme polarities. Fire & Ice, Light & Dark, Masculine & Feminine. And now it was manifesting in my body. And not just in my womb space, but my entire right side felt overstretched and if ever I’d experience physical pain, it would always show up on the right side of my neck or my right hip. I had’nt been quite right since I had my first baby.


Later in an Astrology session, I was told ‘if you keep pushing, you could make yourself really sick’.


I was beginning to get the message.


I simply HAD to stop pushing. This masculine, driven way of living my life and making things happen had worked for me in the past – but not anymore. I needed to find a new way of operating.


Recognising Inner VS Outer misalignment

So I started to consciously allow in the feminine. I started by becoming aware of when I was pushing myself and how that was making me think, feel and act (read: critical, stressed, irritable). And in those moments, I started to slowly ease back and resist the familiar tendency to push. I created a personal altar to help hold this intention and enrolled in The Fulfilled Feminine Formula with Carly Stephan to start to incorporate feminine practices into my self-care and inner work. I also enrolled myself in a ReWilding for Women retreat later that year.


F E M I N I N E – Personal Altar


But in my soul work and business, I continued to push. And let me tell you, the universe well and truly pushed back, bringing me to my edges many times. All of a sudden there started to be a correlation between creating my work in the world and crisis in my personal and family life.


Like when I released my eBook Altars to Self, my partners father passed away suddenly, which lead to an emergency trip to Japan and 6 weeks of solo parenthood. On an inner level, this period coincided with an intense eclipse cycle and I found myself dealing with a lot of intense emotions. Plus I was in the first trimester of pregnancy.


And then as I invested and worked with a mentor and began to put myself out there as a spiritual midwifery mentor, my man broke his toe and came down with a nasty case of shingles, which meant my focus was once again redirected away from my work and towards more important things, like looking after my family.


I ended 2017 feeling totally spent. It was then that I started to face up to the fact that I didn’t just need to change a few things, I had to reinvent the entire way I approached my work and my life.


New strategies for coping with intensity.

I am proud of what I created in my work during 2017 and of the progress I made professionally. But it did come at (quite a big) cost to my overall wellbeing. The great thing about this is that it forced me to develop new coping mechanisims and strategies for processing all of the intensity I was experiencing. For example:


Voice, Breathe & Movement: preferably in combination. It simply wasn’t enough anymore for me to process things inactively, like through journalling or meditating. I had to move it up and out through my body. So you can imagine my relief when I found myself at a ReWilding women’s retreat doing exactly this. Finally somewhere for all this energy to go!


Earthing: When I got home from Japan and was parenting solo, I would spend a LOT of time simply lying on the grass in my backyard. It was the only thing that would calm and ground my frenetic energy. It’s now one of my absolute favourite self care tools.


Channelling Light: As I began working with my mentor, part of my daily practice was to channel cosmic light through my body. Most days over this period (and still now) I guide myself through the process of clearing and infusing my energy body with light to clear and raise my vibration.


Prioritising connection and vibration.

One of the highlights of 2017 was spending time with high-vibing women, living their life, doing their thing and being themselves in every-way. I felt my vibration elevating simply by being in their presence. And I noticed how my self-defeating beliefs just did not land with them at all. A bit of a wake up call and also such a gift!


In September, whilst my man was in Japan, my girl and I took a trip to the Sunshine Coast to stay with one such lady and it was here I remembered how nourishing and supportive it is to surround myself with women who really get me. Like ALLL of me. I want more of this in 2018.


This little trip really brought home for me the importance of energy and vibration. It never lies. Which is why I quietly started to make more conscious choices about who I surrounded myself with, what I consumed and how I was projecting my own energy. I was more at peace with what naturally slipped away, knowing it wasn’t right for me. I saw that the more I responsibly and actively started to elevate my own energy and implement necessary boundaries, the more I drew in women, clients and opportunities that were a complete match. Magic! Quite literally.


The sun doesn’t need to shine – it just does.

My guiding soul image for 2017 was the sun rising over the ocean: the very first glimpse of bright red/orange light as it pierces the horizon followed by its lemony-white luminosity against a clear blue sky. I thought this image was telling me  that it was my time to shine, that it was my time to put myself out in the world, to create, to market, to do, do, DO.


But actually, it wasn’t that at all. I finally got the message.


The sun doesn’t force itself to shine, it does so naturally and easily by being what it is. 


What my image was trying to say was:

There is a way of creating that gives you energy and doesn’t leave you utterly worn out. Be yourself absolutely, naturally and with ease and allow your presence to invite that which you wish to receive

(clarity provided by Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebels Oracle).


So as I completed 2017 on the beach the other day, I powerfully and completely let go of F O R C E. For real this time. Not just in some areas of my life, but in all areas – and especially in regards to my soul work and business.


This doesn’t mean I’m not going to create anything, it means that I’ll do so in a way that feels natural, spontaneous and playful. I’m taking the pressure off and tuning in to what naturally wants to come through me. When and how it chooses.


My intention for 2018


As soon as I let go of 2017, and integrated it’s lesson, BAM! In came my intention for 2018


To soften.

  • into birth
  • into motherhood
  • into intimacy
  • into strength
  • into my heart
  • into presence
  • into ease
  • into creation
  • into new beginnings
  • into deeper layers of myself
  • into gratitude
  • into joy



Ahh, the relief!



So, dear one, have you fully completed your 2017? What themes and learnings have you identified and what does 2018 hold for you?


It you need any guidance, then my package 2018 New Year Dreaming is waiting for you. And it’s FREE.

There are three simple and soulful practices for you to play with, including:

1. 2017 Completion Ritual: to properly complete, integrate and let go of all that 2017 contained for you {Includes Guided Meditation}.

2. Find your 2018 Guiding Soul image: this practice was hugely popular last year! It’s a meditation and art process to find your unique visual metaphor for 2018 which will help keep you aligned throughout the year {Includes Guided Meditation}.

3. Create a New Year Personal Altar: ground your vision for 2018 by crafting an energetically potent personal altar as a symbolic expression of the year ahead.

You’ll receive a 16-page eBook and 2 meditations to facilitate your own dreaming process for the New Year. Download your copy here.



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