Earth to Self | My Lead Healing Archetype: THE GUIDE
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My Lead Healing Archetype: THE GUIDE

Years of soul searching, studying and healing work had led me to this point. It was as if all the pieces of the puzzle were constellating and they were juuust about to click together into an expression that I could begin to call my ‘soul work’. I enrolled myself in Sarah K Jones’ Healing Archetype course, Harness Your Healing Brilliance, and what I ended up discovering was not one, but two pieces of the puzzle: My Lead Healing Archetype: THE GUIDE and my Veiled Healing Archetype: THE COACH.

THE GUIDE is the healing archetype that most naturally operates through me. Sarah says that your ‘Lead Healing Archetype is the strongest foot that you step forward with in your transformative work with clients.’ (Psst, you can find out what your Lead Healing Archetype is by completing the quiz on Sarah’s website – it’s free). 


Meeting: THE GUIDE

Meeting THE GUIDE was like putting a name to a face of a VERY familiar part of myself. Which is funny, because THE GUIDE didn’t initially show me her face. Instead she wore a hooded black cloak, with a tie around her waist, carrying a golden staff that clasped a clear round crystal. She was very grim-reaper-esque, which did not scare me in the slightest. Both The Guide and myself are comfortable exploring the mysterious and watery depths of life.

As I spent time getting to know her during Sarah’s course, she slowly started to reveal herself and her unique gifts to me. At one particular meeting, she opened her robe to reveal the vastness of the universe inside of her and invited me to step inside. She showed me models of time and dimensions that she navigates to realign a soul back onto their path. Her round crystal ball glowing brightly as if to show the way.




The guide sees the bigger picture. She is visionary and pioneering. She has one motivation and that is to lead others back to the purpose of their soul, the reason they incarnated in the first place. She knows that if people heal and realign with their truth, then they will powerfully contribute to healing the planet. This is what drives her. Or at least this is how she is choosing to work through me.

She sees through people, beyond their facade. She stands in the stillness and presence of truth and waits for her subject to meet her there. Patiently, all-knowing, all-seeing, beyond time and space. She has power, she has depth and she is quietly, powerfully on a mission!


How THE GUIDE has always existed in me:

Sarah’s transmission regarding The Guide states:

‘The Guide is the one who leads others to their destiny’.


Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been interested in understanding what drives a person in an emotional, soulful and spiritual sense. I want to know what it is they are here (on Earth) to do and how they are fulfilling their personal mission. Conversations with friends and clients over the years tend to always circle back to what they are doing with their lives, what really matters to them and how they can align themselves to their personal reason for ‘being’.

Meeting The Guide made me realise that I am naturally wired to have these conversations. I am lit up by people who bravely tap into their deep sense of personal truth and then do the healing work necessary to fully LIVE it.

It’s also THE GUIDE that has been the driving force behind my own relentless pursuit of soul purpose and personal evolution. A Guide leads another to their own destiny by pursuing her own. It’s not enough to know something, she needs to ’embody’ it. In this sense, I was able to see that my healing gifts didn’t just include what I had studied, but it also drew upon all of my personal healing experiences I had embodied over the last 15 years (and counting).


How THE GUIDE informs my Mentoring work.

Meeting The Guide was the deep validation I needed to (finally) own my natural healing gifts and use them in my work with others.

  • She helped me decide that my work was more about Mentoring, than it was about counselling.
  • She gave me permission to utilise my natural ability to see and feel into the destiny of my soul clients.
  • She validated the main motivation behind my work, and that is to lead others back to themselves and back onto their path.
  • She shows me how to go deep, but keep it real at the same time.
  • She helps me to trust in my years of experience and learning in the domain of emotional, soulful and spiritual development and draw on this whenever needed.
  • Bringing her energy into my client sessions has helped me to find my natural flow and provide my clients with deep insight into their process.


And I have so much more to learn from her.





Have you done Sarah’s quiz? I’d love to know your lead healing archetype – share below.

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