Why January is the perfect time for intention setting.
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Why January is the perfect time for intention setting.

It’s January 1 and you haven’t set intentions yet for 2017. *Cue panic* Argh! Wait! But everyone else has!! I’m going to miss out on the momentum of the New Year if I don’t get it done NOW. I need to make sure I do it ‘right’.

Feeling the pressure?

Well, my love, can I just say, there is absolutely no need to stress. There’s plenty of time for you to begin dreaming into the New Year and January is a perfect time to do just that.

Here’s why:

The Chinese New Year begins on February 4

Each year in the Chinese calendar is governed by a set of two elements and this energy takes effect on the 4th of February every year. Technically, right now (in January 2017) we are still under the influence of last years energy, so we have the whole month of January to get clear on what we want for 2017. Plenty of time! You can relax 🙂

Creating space between completing 2016 and beginning 2017 is a really (really) good thing.

Have you completed 2016 yet? Have you spent some time feeling into what you experienced and what you learned and what you’re grateful for? No? Don’t worry – there is still time. Do it now – here’s an outline to get you started.

Yes? Good work. 🙂 Giving yourself time and space to let your completion ritual or practice settle in is a really good thing. It allows you to sit in the void between what’s gone and what is to come. It provides the space for your intentions and possibilities to bubble to the surface from deep within you. And it gives you time to process anything that is still incomplete for you. If you can allow yourSelf to sit in the void, to rest there a while, then when you are ready, YOU WILL KNOW.

Your soul does not respond to force.

If you’re wanting to create a year that is aligned deeply to the guidance of your soul (and if you’re here, then I daresay you do), there is no point in forcing it. Your soul is just not going to co-operate. Forcing is the mind/ego butting in to make you believe that you HAVE to do it now. Let it go. Your Soul knows exactly what to do and when to do it. Tune in, relax and follow its lead.

Setting intentions is a process

I believe the act of creating soul-filled intentions is a process, a series of steps and practices that bit by bit, help you to solidify your New Year vision.

In the past few years, I’ve devoted all of January to creating my vision for the year ahead. I like to go deep and cover all bases. It’s not just a matter of writing stuff down – I need to feel it in my body and see it as well.

I call it New Year Dreaming.

I’ve packaged up the processes that I use to dream into my New Year and have offered it up to you to use if you feel called.

New Year Dreaming is an approach that is less about thinking, planning and traditional goal-setting and much (much) more about feeling, sensing and knowing.

There are 7 creative processes included, each designed to be ‘activated’ on 5 separate days or sittings. Each process has an inner element, usually a meditation, to gently guide you inwards, followed by a creative activity or ritual to ground your vision and insight into the real world.

The result is a New Year vision that will anchor deeply within you. At any time during 2017, you’ll be able to close your eyes, see and feel your vision in your body and instantly realign yourself to that vision.

Here’s a brief overview:


Process 1: 2016 Completion Ritual

This is the best place to start. As I write I have just finished my completion ritual and I am feeling so calm and clear. Not quite ready to start visioning into 2017, yet, but that time will come.

If you complete 2016 thoroughly and with intention, you’ll create a powerful opening for 2017. I wrote more about it here. If you want a copy of the full process and meditation, download a copy of 2017 New Year Dreaming here.


Process 2: Picture Your 2017 Guiding Image
Process 3: Receive Your 2017 Focus Word

If there was one thing that kept me on track in 2016 – it was my guiding image. It came to me quite spontaneously during meditation and became an incredibly power metaphor for the potential that existed for me. I’ll write more about this soon.

Usually your image and word are connected so I grouped these two processes together to complete in one sitting. When you get your chosen word, I encourage you to create an oracle card, of sorts, based on your word and the feeling it generates in your body.


Process 4: Write The Future
Process 5: Build Your New Year Personal Altar

This is the time to start drilling down and getting specific with exactly what you want for 2017. In the New Year Dreaming package, theres a meditation you can do, along with suggested journalling prompts to guide you through an automatic writing process. This is not about creating a laundry list of things you want, rather, a short and concise list of those things you really, really want. Less is definitely more.

Then, I take you through a process to build a beautiful and soulful personal altar that reflects the energy of what you are creating for your year. Your altar will become a focal point to reconnect to your vision. I’ll be talking a LOT more about personal altars and how you can use them in coming months.


Process 6: Layout Your 2017 Vision

It’s time to bring in imagery to represent the vision you are creating for yourSelf in 2017. Using the insights gathered so far, your guiding image & word, your concise list of intentions and your personal altar, now is the time to create a powerful vision board that encapsulates all that you have seen and felt as being possible for you. This is such a fun and exciting part of the process.


Process 7: Set Your Intentions Free

Finally, a closing ritual to wrap up this dreaming process and powerfully release your intention to the universe. This is about setting your vision free, acknowledging that whatever comes to pass will be perfect for you and most importantly, TRUSTing in the deep soulful dreaming process you’ve just completed. This ritual will help you release any attachment to specific outcomes, leaving you free to get on with living into your dream.

If you’re keen to get started on your own dreaming journey, pop over here to grab your FREE copy of 2017 New Year Dreaming.

Please stay in touch and let me know how you’re travelling with it!

With Love,

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