How to hold a space clearing ceremony in your home – Part 1: Preparation
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How to hold a space clearing ceremony in your home – Part 1: Preparation

This is the first part of a two part series on how to hold a space clearing ceremony in your home.

In this blog and video I talk about why and when you might want to do a space clearing ceremony. I also cover all the things that are great to do to prepare for your ceremony. Feel free to watch the video below or read through my summary notes below. Be sure to leave any queries or questions you may have in the comments below.




Our homes are an extension of who we are. Overtime they can begin to collect emotional and energetic ‘baggage’ which is generated from everyday living as well as difficult or challenging times, like a breakup, illness, grief, conflict & arguments, emotional and mental health issues. Intense experiences in particular can leave energetic imprints on your home that can contribute to making the place feel heavy and stagnant.

A space clearing ceremony is a brilliant way to bring your home into energetic alignment with who you are becoming, what you're creating and where you're heading.

A space clearing ceremony allows you to acknowledge, honour and clear out this energy so that you’re able to start fresh. It also offers you a chance to get clear on what you want and to bring your home environment into energetic alignment with who you are becoming and what you’re moving towards in your life.



+ After a difficult or challenging period.

+ Annually, at the turn of the new year, on an eclipse, full moon, birthday.

+ Anytime you’re about to make a fresh start in your life.

+ Whenever you’re feeling a sense of stagnancy in your life.

+ When you move into a new home or when someone moves out.

+ When you’re expecting a new baby.

+ Whenever you instinctively feel it needs to be done.



Get clear on your intent.

+ Why are you doing this in the first place? Is it to clear out negative energy, to start fresh, to celebrate the beginning of a new cycle?
+ Get specific about what you want to clear from your home. What’s taken place over the last while that may have left energetic impressions on your space, OR what types of experiences have you had recently that are now complete?
+ What would you like to call into your home and life? What type of experiences would you like to encourage, what type of energy would you like to fill your space with and how do you want to feel in your space, in your relationships and in your life.
+ Do this with your partner, friends, family, whoever you live with so that you can all be aligned with a specific intent.

Clean and clear out physical clutter.

+ When your home is full of stuff you don’t need, want, love or use then energy is unable to flow and circulate easily. This can make your space feel heavy and stagnant and consequently you might find you start to feel this way too.

+ I’m a big advocate for starting with the physical when clearing your home, before moving on to the energy side of things. Clearing clutter before the energetic space clearing ceremony helps to free up both space and energy (within YOU as well as your home), making it easier to properly cleanse your space of old, negative energy, as well as creating room for the new to come in.

+ Plus, getting rid of stuff feel so good! Good books to refer to are Marie Kondo’s “Life changing art of tidying up” and my old favorite from my Feng Shui days, Clear your clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston.

+ Be warned, if you haven’t conducted a clear out in a little while – this can take time! Give yourself a month to 6 weeks to work through it all.

Important note: Please dispose of your clutter responsibly. It’s tempting to do a giant purge and fill up your wheely bin in a clearing frenzy, but please take the time to direct your waste to the right avenues for re-use or recycling. My golden rule is: Landfill should be your absolute last resort!  Check your local council for recycling options, do research in your local area and make the effort to distribute your goods in an ecologically responsible way. It’s just good karma!

Gather your tools.

Tools for the ceremony can include:

+ Sound vibration: drums, digeridoo, clap sticks, tibetan bowls and bells.

+ Smudging: white sage and palo santo as well as a smudging fan to disperse the smoke.

+ Spray bottles: for salt water and/or essential oil sprays or any energetically charged spray that’s good for clearing or invoking energy.

For your central altar

+ Fabric, candles, stones to mark the directions

+ Sacred and symbolic objects of any kind, including crystals, statues of deities.

+ Fresh flowers on the day are a great addition.

+ The space clearing tools you’ve chosen.


+ Choose some music to play for the duration of the ceremony to help set the tone.

Choose an auspicious date.

+ Full moons are a great time as they amplify your intentions plus the waxing phase helps to facilitate the process of clearing and letting go.

+ Eclipses can be a potent time also.

+ Any date that holds meaning for you.


Invite some friends.

+ It’s great to do a ceremony with 4-5 people. Involving a small group helps to enhance and amplify your intentions and creates more powerful results.

+ Think of some friends or people in your life that would love to be involved and who you’d love to have present.

+ Invite friends that might have specific skills to offer to enhance your ceremony – like someone knows how to play a shamanic drum or digeridoo or a healer that works with white light.


Prepare the ceremonial running sheet and statements

+ When it comes to actually running the ceremony, it’s useful to have a running sheet to guide you through the process.

+ This is where you can include your clearing and invocation statements and any other notes you’ll need for the occasion.

+ More information on what to include here in Part 2: The Ceremony.



So what about you? Have you conducted a space clearing ceremony of your home before? How did you go about it? Also, do let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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