What’s your guiding image for 2017?
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What’s your guiding image for 2017?

Hands down, one of the most powerful things that has helped me stay connected to my vision for the new year has been receiving a guiding image from my Soul.

My guiding image first came through spontaneously in January 2016, when I allowed myself a whole month to dream into what I wanted to create that year. This unique and highly charge image allowed me to continually realign myself to my soul path throughout the year.

Traditional goal setting is something I have resisted a lot over the years. When it comes to the simple act of writing a list of things I want and then declaring it, I just clam up. What if I don’t ask for the right thing? What if I think I want one thing when I really want something different? And the big one: What if I don’t know what I really want? Sounds silly, but for me, the struggle is real.

In January 2016, the penny dropped.

I was thinking waay too hard about it.

I needed to FEEL it and importantly SEE it first.

I’m a visual person. I feel deeply. You too?


Also, for a ‘goal’ or intention to stick:

It has to reflect what is moving deep within me; what my soul is asking of me, not my mind.

Here’s how my image for 2016 presented itself:

I closed my eyes and tuned in. I started to get a feeling in my body, like that sense of your tummy dropping when you’re on a theme park ride, closely followed by a rush of exhilaration. And then I saw this image of an aeroplane, speeding down the runway, slowly tilting up, the front wheels lifting off the tarmac, followed by the back wheels and THEN that moment of hovering, the hesitation before the engines fire up, the part where you hold your breath for just a second before the plane powers into the sky.

For me this represented, quite obviously, that my soul was ready to take flight. I sensed the anticipation. I KNEW deep in my bones it was already done deal. There was no getting off this plane!

The result was a year that has seen me stay the course. Every time I thought I was lost (every second day, ha), all I needed to do was close my eyes, recall this image, feel it in my body and remember where I was heading. It was as if my vision was programmed within me. And time and time again, it helped me to realign with what my soul was calling me to do.

So what did it help me create or achieve this year?

+ This very website and all that it entails, including, a vision for my work, the photos, the design, the words, the content.

+ Leave my part-time job to free me up to do my soul work (there’s that hovering plane).

+ Co-create a series of seasonal women’s circles in my local area (more plane hovering)

+ I enrolled in Soul Leader School which was the most powerful and DEEP experience I’ve ever had online.

+ Commit to doing a Village Development Program with the view of being part of a new Eco Village in the Northern Rivers.

+ Amplify my intuitive faculties to the point where I now TRUST my own inner guidance #priceless

+ Participated and embodied fully, some very deep and very important healing work.

+ Began to surrender to my inner light (note: this year’s image expands on this).

+ Begin the journey to consciously own my worth.

And here’s a peak at my image for 2017:

Are you keen to find out your own guiding image for 2017? My new and also very FREE eBook and audio series 2017 New Year Dreaming, contains a meditation and creative process to help you do just that. As well lots of other creative practices to help prepare you for a soulfully aligned new year. Get your free copy here.

And please – I’m on the edge of my seat. I would love to hear what your guiding image is. Let me know in the comments below or tag #2017NewYearDreaming on Instagram. You can also email me directly (I would really love that).

With love,

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