A completion ritual for 2016.
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A completion ritual for 2016.

Here we are lovely women. At the beginning of a brand spanking new year. Can’t you just feel the anticipation and perhaps a little (or a lot of) relief that 2016 is now over? Before we launch ourselves into all that 2017 holds for us, I invite you to stop and take stock of all that has taken place in 2016. A year of collective and personal upheaval. A year when most of us have been pushed to our limits in our external life and within our inner spiritual and emotional world. There is no question that this year has been peppered with epic intensity – both good and bad.

This is the time NOW to acknowledge all of it.

If you want to powerfully wrap up 2016 and move into 2017 renewed and ready, then this post is for you.


Last year I took the time to fully luxuriate in the process of feeling into and planning my year ahead. The one thing that made the biggest difference and something I had not tried before was conducting my own completion ritual.

When I did this exercise, I was genuinely surprised to find that I had achieved much, MUCH more than I thought. It’s funny how the mind pulls it’s little tricks to convince us that whatever we do – it is never enough. This simple process of acknowledging our progress and growth is such a validating way to prove to ourselves, that actually, we are pretty amazing creatures and what we achieved was actually incredible.

Last year, when I looked back, I was able to see just how much I had grown and changed, what I had learnt about myself and what I had created. I could also see where I was triggered and how these challenging experiences were incredible openings for me to grow. The benefit of hindsight is a beautiful thing! Beyond specific events and circumstances, I was also able to see an overarching pattern of synchronicities that delivered me exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I could also see quite clearly what behaviours and circumstances were not working for me and I was able to use this information to clear the slate so I could consciously move into the new year.

A few days after doing this ritual, I noticed that old thought patterns and emotions connected to my year were no longer in my awareness. I felt clearer, less heavy and way more ready to move into the new year.


I’ve included this simple ritual in my brand new and totally FREE 2017 New Year Dreaming package. Ritual is such a powerful practice. It’s a vehicle to focus and embody your intention to symbolically honour a transition of any kind. In this ritual I like to use the elements of Fire and Earth to help ground my intention in the earthly plane.

In a nutshell, here’s what’s involved.

Completing 2016 – A Ritual

– Meditate on your year: what key events come to mind? What are you most proud of? Where were you challenged? There’s a meditation included in my New Year Dreaming series to help you reconnect with the year that was.

– Journal your insights in as much depth for as long as you need to. Get it all down on paper.

– Then summarise your key points in short letter to 2016. ‘Dear 2016,…’ Include what you are grateful for, what you have learnt and what you are releasing/ready to transform.

– Now using the element of Fire, burn this letter*. As the smoke evaporates, allow yourself to feel the physical and emotional release.

– Sit in silence for a few moments.

– Go outside an bury your ashes in the Earth. Give thanks.

*Please take necessary safety precautions when burning paper. Use small pieces of paper and do so over a large flame proof dish or sink. I use a large terracotta pot with soil in the bottom.

I recommend taking a few days or as long as you need to let this ceremony fully settle into your body, heart and soul. Notice how you feel and what insights you receive or synchronicities you notice.

When you’re ready to continue the 2017 New Year Dreaming keep an eye out for my next post which talks about the power of holding an IMAGE in your awareness that encapsulates 2017 for you. Or if you’re keen to get going with your 2017 vision, then download a copy of the package and continue with the processes at your own pace.

Did you do the ritual? If so, I’d genuinely like to know how you found the process. Either pop a comment below or send me an email.

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