Bespoke Women’s Circles
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Birthdays | Hen’s Celebrations | Milestones & Life Events 

There’s something magical that happens in a circle of Women.
We get to relate to ourselves and one another in a way that is rare in our world – without the masks
and from a space of love and truth.

Connection is healing and as human beings, we all crave it.
It is the antidote of our times and something we all benefit from in deep and lasting ways.
In this way, Bespoke Women’s Circles can be a beautiful gift to celebrate a special Woman in your life and/or for Birthdays,
Hen’s Celebrations or any major milestone in life.

Hi Lovely, I’m Rachel.

As a spiritual mentor, my zone of genius is creating connection – I hold a safe and sacred space in a way that is welcoming and genuine and that naturally supports healing and bonding among the women present.

I hold a Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling and have held circles of women in various settings since 2016. I can work with you to co-create a Women’s circle that suits your women and your event.

Bespoke Women’s Circles were created to:

+ Uplift and celebrate a Woman/Women you love.

+ Celebrate milestones, major life events and birthdays in a heart-felt and conscious way.

+ Cultivate deeper connections with the women in your life.

+ Allow women to reconnect spiritually and emotionally in a safe and sacred group setting

Through our work together, you’ll be able to:

+ Co-create a Women’s circle specific to your event and the person/s you are celebrating.

+ Create genuine, heart-felt connects and beautiful memories.

+ Cultivate healing and connection within your friendship group.

+ Celebrate in a way that deepens your bond and creates lasting memories.

Bespoke Women’s Circles are a good fit for you if:

+ If you love the idea of creating a Women’s Circle for a special event,
but don’t feel confident hosting it yourself.

+ Want to celebrate someone or something in an authentic (and sober) way.

+ Want to support and uplift someone special to you.

You Receive:

~ A 30-minute call to co-create your gathering.

~ A comprehensive written document detailing the order of events. 

~ 45-minutes to cleanse, clear and set up the space.

~ A 2-hour lovingly held and nourishing Women’s Circle
at your chosen location.


$350 AUD

(Minimum fee for up to 10 Women)

*Additional attendees $35pp


5% of your investment will be donated to Waminda.
 holistic health and welfare agency that supports Aboriginal women and their families in Nowra, NSW.

To book a Bespoke Women’s Circle:

1. Email me with your proposed date/s to check availability
(please note weekend dates are limited).
2. Book in for a 30-minute co-creation session via zoom
(booking link will be provided once date is confirmed).
3. Pay $100 deposit to secure the event date.

Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for the circle. Absolutely everyone loved it and could not stop talking about their experience afterwards. It set such a peaceful vibe for the rest of the weekend and was an unreal way to connect with the girls. A much deeper connection was made. Wow! Beautiful memories.

You ran it so perfectly. It’s something I will be recommending for more hen’s weekends.

Emily, Shellharbour