Anchor & Align Mini Retreat
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Sunday 22nd November | 1-5pm | Shoalhaven Heads

With so much going on collectively in the world, many of us are reassessing our priorities and wondering how to navigate such uncertain times. We are being called to align ourselves more deeply than ever before to our values, our soul and our heart.

But when it comes to connecting with our inner spiritual and emotional experience, we don’t always have the time or inclination to go beyond the surface level, especially when life is so full and at times overwhelming.

The Anchor & Align Mini Retreat for Women, is designed to provide a sacred space for you to drop in more deeply to your soulful and spiritual essence and to move out of your head into your heart.

Hi Lovely, I’m Rachel.

I’m a Spiritual Mentor & Guide at Earth to Self.
I work exclusively with women in workshops, retreats, women’s circles and in private sessions.

I hold a Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling and have held circles and workshops for women in various settings since 2016. My zone of genius is creating connection – I hold space in a way that is natural and genuine, supporting you to reconnect with your inner wisdom and realise the vision you have for yourSelf and your life.

The Anchor & Align Mini Retreat for Women was created to help you:

+ Feel more deeply connected, both spiritually and emotionally.

+ Disengage from habitual thought patterns and cultivate a sense of heart-centred inner knowing.

+ Enable Self-healing by listening deeply to what you need and connecting to the dimensions of Soul and Spirit that exist within you.

+ Find the clarity and confidence to take the next step towards the vision you hold for yourself, your family and the world.

+Begin to trust and follow your inner guidance with greater ease.

Through our work together, you’ll be able to:

+ Access healing that is both gentle and profound, the ripples of which will stay with you for days afterwards.

+ Quiet your mind and arrive fully in your heart space.

+ Be able to surrender into the sacred time you have gifted yourself.

+ Feel calm, grounded and present and gain clarity on what’s next for you.

+ Feel more connected to and supported by your unique inner wisdom.

The Anchor & Align Mini Retreat for Women is right for you if:

+ You enjoy guided meditations and spiritual journeys and can engage with multiple processes in one session.

+ You are willing to do the deep work in the company of other Women,
knowing that you are in full control of how much you share or contribute to group discussions.

+ You are curious and open to exploring your inner terrain, even if you’re not sure what to expect.

You Receive:

A lovingly held 4-hour Women’s retreat.


+ Creation of an energetic container for our work together.
+ A sharing circle to introduce yourself and share where you are at.
+ A short discourse from Rachel covering the theme of the event.
+ Movement process to get out of your head and into your body.
+ Guided spiritual journey to explore the dimensions of Soul.
+ Guided spiritual journey to explore the dimensions of Spirit.
+ Journal prompts and sharing throughout.

Afternoon tea platter provided.


$55 AUD
(Limited to 6 spaces only)

5% of your investment will be donated to Waminda.
 holistic health and welfare agency that supports Aboriginal women and their families in Nowra, NSW.

Feedback from previous participants:

From the moment I arrived in Rachel’s space I felt myself exhale. With each passing moment I found myself surrendering even more into the offerings and by the end I was so blissed out, I was a little speechless. The best way to describe it in reflection would be, that I arrived in my head space and I left in my heart space, grounded, present and alive.

Thank you Rachel I am so grateful for your offerings.
Jane Isley, Gerringong

You are truly a natural when it comes to holding space for women.
I felt held and was able to reach places within myself that I haven’t been in touch with for a very long time. I had a very moving experience through your guided meditations and you assisted me in feeling safe, calm and present for the entire experience.


I was able to gain clarity in both my reflection on the past and the ways in which I would like to continue growing into the future. And I most definitely felt the effects of the experience for many, many days after. 


I very much look forward to expanding my growth during future sessions with  you as my mentor. You are an incredibly gifted Spiritual Guide.

Danielle Ornelas, Kiama