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You’re craving a deep and unwavering connection to yourSelf


The part of you that knows:


Who you are

What’s right for you

What you’re here to do


On the surface, life looks pretty good.

There’s alot to be thankful for and, really, you can’t complain.

But deep down you know there’s so much more.


You’ve touched on what’s possible for you.

And it simultaneously excites and terrifies you.

Yet now the pain of staying the ‘same’ is starting to outweigh the fear of expansion.


Which brings you to the edge of personal transformation.

There’s only one thing left to do.

You need to go in.

Your inner emotional and spiritual experiences are the richest source of insight and guidance you’ll ever find.

As you open up and begin to listen – really listen -to your deep sense of knowing you’ll begin the process of reclaiming who you are.

One beautiful piece at a time.


Trust me. I know this territory very well.


My life is vastly different and way more aligned than it was just 10 years ago.


It’s taken courage (by the bucket load).

A healthy dose of trust.

And the willingness to go there.

I’m Rachel. Soul Mentor, Writer and creator of Altars to Self.


I mentor women at a crossroads in their life who want to cultivate a strong sense of Self. I help them go deep, to tune into their spiritual and emotional needs so they can powerfully navigate their lives from the inside out.

As a transpersonal counsellor, I’ve completed years of study in spiritual and personal development. But it’s my lived experience that’s most valuable. I’ve learnt that it’s not enough to understand something intellectually – you need to feel it in every fibre of your being.


THIS is the road to authentic Self-empowerment.


I am someone who is emotionally tuned in and spiritually open, yet grounded and practical at the same time.


I naturally look at life through a psycho-spiritual lens, endlessly fascinated by our unconscious motivations and soulful yearnings. At the same time I thrive on structure and real life outcomes.


Quite simply, I’m inspired by the capacity that humans have to transform themselves. And the potential this transformation holds for the individual and humanity as a whole.


I believe it’s our sacred responsibility as humans to do our healing work. I also believe that our actions in the here and now (what we ‘do’, how we care for others and the Earth) are influenced by how connected we are to our spiritual centre.

I’m committed to helping women reignite their inner flame,
that place of deep connection and inner knowing within.

When our lives are fuelled from the inside out we reconnect to
what’s real and true for us, not anyone else.

And THAT’s what this world needs.

My Story

In 2011, I moved from inner city Melbourne to the lush and spacious South Coast of NSW.


I was tired of the rat race, working just to pay rent, surrounded by concrete and traffic lights and…disconnection. Ensconced in a system that didn’t match my inherent values. I felt an insatiable desire to strip back, simplify and reconnect to what really mattered. To start living life on my own terms.


At home on the coast, I began growing my own food, learning about permaculture, nutrition and living in alignment with seasons. Simultaneously, I committed to doing my inner work, completing a diploma of Transpersonal Counselling – a course that blew everything wide open.


I began to claim the emotional and spiritual gifts I had always held, but had never given myself the permission to fully OWN.


This changed everything for me and it can for you too.

Now I create tools, resources and practices that inspire women to reconnect with their most essential essence, to really know (and love) themselves and ultimately to live the life they are here to live.


I love connecting with women who are bravely walking the healing path, who understand that the deeper they go, the more they e x p a n d. Women who embrace the dark as a precursor to the light and keep it real every step of the way.

Let’s stay connected.

Instagram is my platform of choice for pretty pics and micro blogging.
You can reach me @earth_to_self.


I write bi-monthly-ish letters to my mailing list. Would you like to receive them?


I just released my eBook Altars to Self – a guidebook for developing your own personal altar practice. You can check it out over here.


Interested in 1-on-1 mentoring? Have a look at my mentoring options.



Thank you for being here.



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