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Transpersonal Guidance & Mentoring.

For sensitive, soulful women seeking spiritual and emotional empowerment to navigate life transition and personal transformation.

Hi, I’m Rachel

Advocate for the soulful, transforming woman to prioritise their spiritual and emotional empowerment. I would love to support you in cultivating a steady sense of Self, reclaiming your personal power and confidently paving your soul driven path forward.

Here’s how I can help:

Sacred Flame Sessions

Sacred Flame Sessions

For the woman navigating personal transformation.

Soul Mother Sessions

Soul Mother Sessions

For the women redefining herSelf in the context of Motherhood

Inner Adventure Sessions

Inner Adventure Sessions

For the woman willing to embark on an inner adventure of their choosing.

What Women are Saying:

I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible women.

Here’s what they say about their experiences.

Rachel’s genius is in her ability to transition beautifully between both spiritual exploration and tangible truth

Christina Hira

Rachel has been a grounding force creating a safe and sacred space for my discoveries and re-birth

Melanie Lewis

I found Rachel to be someone who has all the qualities of an Elder, her wisdom and patience reassured me.

Maria Mitzikis

Every time I think about the birth of my son in March 2018, my whole body swells with pride. Not just because I found his birth incredibly empowering ...

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