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Spiritual & Emotional Empowerment

For Heart-Led Women with a Vision for a Better World.

L E T ' S_C H A T
Happy Monday beautiful people!
This week, I'm officially stepping into my my soul midwifery / mentoring work by offering FREE 20-30 minute online sessions. Helping others find clarity on their inner journey is one of my superpowers. Plus I genuinely (for real) want to be of service. Maybe to you? .
Here are all the details:
Mini Soul Midwifery Sessions
+ You and me.
+ 20-30 minute online pow-wow.
+ Focus and clarity on your next soul-aligned step towards healing and Self-empowerment.
These sessions are for you if:
+ You’re either approaching an healing edge / transition or emerging from one.
+ There’s a lot of emotional and spiritual content stirring within you and you don’t know where to start.
+ There’s an inner tension between staying in your comfort zone and expanding into what you know is possible for you.
My intention for these sessions is simple:
+ To help bring clarity and focus to your situation.
+ To provide at least one next step, key practice or takeaway for you to work with.
+ To offer you my unwavering presence and support.
There are three spaces left. To claim your session, send me a DM, lovely.
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Hi there, I’m Rachel

I guide Soulful Women with a vision,
to trust and follow their inner wisdom
so they feel spiritually and emotionally
empowered to do their Soul work.

I love supporting women to deepen and expand their sense of Self
through soulful exploration, emotional embodiment and grounded action
towards their vision. Here’s what my clients say.


What Women are Saying:

Rachel’s genius is in her ability to transition beautifully between both spiritual exploration and tangible truth

Christina Hira

My sessions with Rachel leave me restored, ready to face the world and reassured in my ability to navigate the journey.

Fiona Pigott

I found Rachel to be someone who has all the qualities of an Elder, her wisdom and patience reassured me.

Maria Mitzikis

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Meet Rachel

Empathic. Intuitive. Grounded and Real.
I’m a Mum, Spiritual Guide & Mentor to heart-led, soulful Women.
I hold compassionate space for Women to deepen and expand their
sense of Self through soulful exploration, emotional embodiment
and ground action toward their vision.

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