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Soul Mentoring

As a Soul Mentor, I see my role as meeting you wherever you are on your path and walking with you a while.

Sometimes I guide.

Other times you lead and I follow.

Mostly, I help you work out which way to go.

But you are always in charge.

Afterall, you’re the only one who can traverse your own inner terrain.

You’re the only one who can decide where you’re going and how far you want to travel.

Having a companion on your inner journey can make you feel safer and braver.

Which means you’re likely to go further than you would if you were travelling alone.

Perhaps you even go places that are beyond your expectations.

And find yourSelf on the adventure of your life.

I mentor women who are craving a deep and lasting connection to Self, the part within us all that holds the truth of who we really are. My work circulates in the domain of emotional, soulful and spiritual development with the ultimate goal of guiding women back to themselves and back onto their path.


In a Soul Mentoring session, you can expect:


  • Deep inner exploration personalised to explore your current growing edges.
  • Discussion to understand how it fits into the overall scheme of your life.
  • Intuitive guidance, shared with permission as it arises.
  • Sharing of knowledge, resources, myth and story for further insight into your process.
  • Clear direction and next steps to continue your inner unfolding.
  • Practical advice on structuring your life to support you.
  • Guidance on developing or enhancing your spiritual practice to deepen your connection to your Self.
  • Inspiration, perspective, peppered with a little bit of humour!



I’ve always been naturally ‘tuned in’ to other peoples emotions and use this skill, along with transpersonal techniques to help you ‘feel’ and ‘see’ your way to your ultimate truth. I see the light in you, your potential, your desire to be who you really are and I hold that vision for you as we work together.


I’m also practical and grounded when it comes to soul work and spirituality. They may be intangible aspects of life, but I believe they are some of the most important to integrate. There’s nothing for you to ‘believe in’ except yourSelf and what has meaning and relevance for you.


Do you hear yourself in this?


+ You’re contemplating making big changes in your life; the work you do and how you live.
+ You genuinely don’t know what is next or how to get beyond your current paradigm.
+ You have a big heart and you want more than anything to do what lights your soul and serves the world.
+ You probably second-guess yourself which keeps you right where you are.
+ You want to know who you really are.
+ You’re ready and willing to be an active participant in your own healing.
+ You know you have much, MUCH more to offer.


If so, then we might be a good fit!


I specialise in new beginnings, transitions, and lifestyle redirections.


I’ve been there myself and I know it takes a s**t tonne of courage! I can help you find your centre and realign yourself with the path you were put on Earth to follow. There is no time to waste.




I’m am currently creating two mentoring packages to meet you at different stages of your journey. More info will be available soon.


In the meantime, I’m available for individual sessions as follows


Discovery Session

(20 minutes) – FREE

Let’s have a quick chat to break the ice and see if we’re a good match.


Introductory Session

First appt only (1.5 hours) – $150

Your first session will naturally be longer as get clear on where you’re at and where you want to go, then dive deep into what is emerging for you.


Subsequent Sessions

(1 hour) – $125

Subsequent sessions can build upon the introductory session as we go deeper and create openings within you and in your life.

Would you like to know more?

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