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FREE Find Your Centre Meditation

Access your true nature to feel more centred and connected right now.


Hello, I’m Rachel.

Welcome! I’m a Soul Mentor, writer, and creator.
I mentor women who are craving a deep and lasting connection to Self, the part within us all that holds the truth of who we really are. My work circulates in the domain of emotional, soulful and spiritual development with the ultimate goal of guiding women back to themselves and back onto their path.
I love working with women who are at a crossroads in life and are ready to align to their deep calling. I help women carve a path that is their own; a path that is governed by soul and lined with purpose, fulfillment and meaning.
Making ‘soul work’ deep & transformative whilst being accessible, real and practical, is my zone of genius.
If you’d like to know more about my story and how I ended up here, come over to my About page. Or perhaps you’d like to learn more about 1:1 mentoring? To stay in touch, pop your details on my mailing list and get a copy of my FREE ‘Find Your Centre’ meditation.
Thanks for being here.

Love Rachel

Inspired words on the blog

Winter Solstice is my favourite time of year. There’s something about the stillness and darkness that I really love – in fact the more I follow the cycles of the seasons the greater I crave the opportunity to surrender and go within at this time......

Sarah K Jones says that your Veiled Healing Archetype holds “…the healing forces or gifts that are strong in you, but for some reason you have hidden them, or are not fully owning them.” I enrolled in Sarah’s course because I wanted clarity on my professional......

Years of soul searching, studying and healing work had led me to this point. It was as if all the pieces of the puzzle were constellating and they were juuust about to click together into an expression that I could begin to call my ‘soul work’. I enrolled......

FREE ‘Find Your Centre’ Guided Meditation


This guided meditation is designed to help you tune into the wisdom of your body so you’re able to locate your unique centre; the place within you that provides you with access to your truest nature.

Follow the sensations in your body to recognise and acknowledge your centre.

Use this point as an anchor to feel more centred and connected in your everyday life.

Enter your details to download your FREE copy.

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5 days to a New Year Vision that ignites your SOUL

If you’re craving a more soulful way of moving into the 2017 then I’ve created this package just for you.

What you receive:

+ 7 creative processes

+ 40-page guidebook

+ 30 Minute Audio

all designed to help align YOU to a soul-filled 2017.

These creative processes are designed to give you deep insight into how you really want 2017 to unfold. As you reflect on each process you will be guided to consciously wrap up 2016, find a symbolic image and a personal word to guide you into 2017, understand personal altar creation, journal your desires, and release your intentions for the new year powerfully to the universe.

Click on the link below to find out more and to receive your
FREE copy of 2017 New Year Dreaming.

It’s my gift to you.

Available only to subscribers until January 31st, 2017.

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