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Exposure: insights from in front of the lense.

  I had the most interesting experience recently on a photo shoot for this website. I have admired local photographer, Gil van Mastright‘s work for a long time and thought his dreamy, ‘other-worldly’ aesthetic would express exactly the kind of feeling I wanted to convey with Earth to Self. I’ve always loved photography and spent time in a past life… Read more →

Spiritual Practice

Personal Altars for spiritual practice.

  The one thing that has solidified my spiritual practice in recent years is the regular creation of a personal altar. Some set up an altar that is more or less permanent. Me? I like to create and recreate my altar on a monthly basis, starting at the new moon. Currently I’m incorporating my personal altar practice with Ezzie Spencer’s… Read more →

Winter Solstice Temenos

Winter Solstice: Celebrating the light in the darkness.

Winter Solstice is my favourite time of year. It’s the deepest darkest point on our seasonal calendar, the longest night and the shortest day. The true beginning of winter. I like the darkness, the cold, the inward focused energy of winter, because it’s a reminder that all parts of the seasonal cycle have their place. Yes, we are submerged in… Read more →

Tune in to nature's rhythm.

Meltdown to Breakthrough – 10 strategies for navigating growth.

  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you – the path to authentic personal growth and healing is not an easy one. We are tested, challenged and at times brought to our knees (over and over again). But these times can also be the making of us, representing a valuable opportunity to accelerate our spiritual and emotional development.   The… Read more →

Photo By DIDIER BAERTSCHIGER, sourced from Albumarium

Accessing the Unknown – The Transpersonal approach to Counselling

  A question I get asked a lot, (apart from ‘What is Transpersonal?’) is the question, ‘So, what exactly do you do in a Transpersonal Counselling session?’   I love this question, because it gives me a chance to clarify exactly how the transpersonal approach differs to mainstream therapy and counselling.   If we start with the meaning of the… Read more →

Photo by Danka & Peter via Magdeline.

You are the Heroine of your own life.

  Last year, I experienced a personal crisis of epic proportions. When the time is right I may share that story here, but for now, I want to share something that really helped me navigate this period with relative ease – and that is the concept of ‘The Heroic Journey’. An archetypal map of the human experience through crisis, despair and renewal. The… Read more →